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Do you trust god?
Do you trust god?
Everything I could never tell you or anyone.
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if I ugly snapchat you I trust you

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one direction in preschool

louis:talks really loud and brags about minor accomplishments
niall:laughs at absolutely everything to the point where it's ridiculous
zayn:has the best crayon pack out of everyone and colors all day long
liam:can read at a 1st grade level and won't let you forget it
harry:eats glue


The dream team with water guns (x)

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Our exclusive selfie shows the boys taking time out from rehearsals in London for their upcoming Where We Are world tour.

HARRY, NIALL, ZAYN, LOUIS and LIAM were happy to pose for pal JAMES CORDEN’s Sports Relief Day at The Sun. (x) 

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the evolution of harry styles’ pants x

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